Designing the layout of a perfect web site is only a portion of the process of creating an effective online presence. We strive to help the customer get the most out of the Internet.

For this reason, we follow a design plan that not only encompasses the physical format of the site, but also includes the effectiveness of content included in the site.

Our design process consists of 6 specific phases. All of which are very important to create an affordable, professional website for your small business.








Review & Acceptance




Ongoing Support & Updates

The development process begins with a custom tailored plan to meet your business needs. We will discuss one-on-one the specific goals you want your website to achieve. We will identify the goals of your site, your target audience, site's color scheme, navigation, logo placement, content, and special features.

The prototype development phase is where all of your goals and ideas that were discussed turn into a reality. With hall the information gathered from the planning phase, we explore how your website will look and feel and develop multiple unique prototypes that takes all your requirements into account. Sometimes it is necessary to slightly modify your original goals in order to adapt them to today's changing internet standards. During the prototype development, several non-functional website design mockups will be created that will give you a general idea of what your website could potentially look like when completed. Once you have approved on of the design concepts, we will work to make the prototype a reality.

With the general concept of your site's theme complete, we will begin creating a functional version of your design concept. At this point, we will format your website content and plug in your website items such as text, photos, etc that you provide to us. Once development has completed we then thoroughly test the site on our internal servers in several operating environments to ensure your website is error-free.

At this point, we will post the completed first draft of your site on a private test server so that you can review the site yourself and ensure that it has been produced to your satisfaction. This is when you can browse your site and provide us with any final adjustments. You give us your final acceptance after we have made any requested modifications and you are 100% satisfied with your website.

Now that your website is online, we will configure everything necessary to give your users an optimized browsing experience. We will transfer your site to our servers, provide your company with a domain names and email accounts, and deploy any Search Engine Optimization packages (if applicable).

Once you are up and running online, our commitment to quality service doesn't end there. We provide several different maintenance packages to be sure your website is always fresh and up to date.