The ultimate Microsoft Exchange alternative.

SmarterMail is a scalable business email, live chat and collaboration server that meets the needs of any sized business, from the sole proprietorship to an enterprise organization or service provider with thousands of domains and millions of users.

We hear very often from our customers that managing their in-house Microsoft Exchange server is a huge drain on their IT resources. Managing your email server can cause you severe headaches when it comes to SPAM control, viruses, quotas, and so on. The only managing you should worry about is managing your business. We use the power of SmarterMail to bring you a fully managed email solution that's packed with features and soft on your budget.

Send and receive email messages and collaborate from anywhere in the world with SmarterMail's Web interface -- no matter the device or your location. Don't want to use Webmail? No problem! Support for a variety of syncing methods, including POP, IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, XMPP, EAS, EWS and more, means you also have the flexibility of using your preferred desktop or mobile client.




Take the burden out of organizing your schedule! Create multiple calendars, better manage conference rooms, show task dates, specify working hours and more.


All of the communication you've had with a contact is readily available to you, whether it be emails and IMs, scheduled appointments or attachments that have been exchanged.


Keep track of anything you need to do! From shopping lists to long-term tasks, create lists of items, set due dates, update status and completion percentage, and even prioritize tasks.


The electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes, SmarterMail's notes are a great place to jot down questions, ideas, reminders or anything else you need to remember or keep on-hand.

Do you use a variety of devices?

Seamlessly sync your email, contacts, calendars, notes and tasks anywhere! SmarterMail supports a variety of synchronization protocols, including the industry's premier technology, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, which allows for instant, native synchronization using push technology. Never miss another email, appointment, or due date!
Mail Platforms

We try to keep pricing simple. Pay for only what you need, and upgrade or downgrade at any time.

First, start with the base email package which defines your primary email account plus domain mailbox size and quotas. From there you can choose the number of mailboxes you want along with any additional add-ons .

Base Email Account

$10.00 /month

Includes the basics of your account such as:

  • 1 Administrator Email Account
  • Webmail Access
  • 5GB of email storage space.
  • POP3, IMAP and SMTP Access
  • Auto Responders
  • Mobile Access (Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone)


Choose # of Accounts

$3.00 /month per user

Each user account gets

  • Shared email storage space
  • 5 aliases


Monthly Cost

$13.00 /month

This is your total monthly cost excluding any add-ons which can be added during checkout.

Exchange ActiveSync

$10.00 /month per user

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync uses direct push technology to sync email and collaboration items to variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, and Outlook 2013 and 2016 for Windows.


Additional Storage Space

$2.00 /month per domain

If you need more space than your base account includes, additional space can be purchased in 1gb increments.