Managed Hosting

So you've built your new cutting edge, state-of-the-art website--Now What? Well, your website is useless with out a place to operate. Websites need something called a "webhost" to operate. Choosing where your website will go "live" is a very important decision.

You can certainly go with one of the "big" hosting companys who offer endless amounts of disk space for an incredibly low price, and then nickel and dime you for every option your website will probably need. While the "Unlimited" disk space and bandwidth and unlimited email accounts sound attractive, would you know what to do with the account after you sign up?

To be honest, Wave Works Solutions has no interest in competing with companies that offer "unlimited" everything. So what makes Wave Works Solutions so different? In essence, we put your website on the web, and look after it to sure it stays there with managed hosting.

A website doesn't just magically "appear" on a web host's server and it certainly won't stay there without some dedicated effort. What we offer our clients is a peace of mind, knowing their website has been deployed correctly, operating at its peak, and that backups of their website, data, and emails are being performed on a regular basis. We call this managed hosting and this is what those big box companies don't and won't offer. We understand your application, your database, your servers and the Internet. In the event that your application has a problem we're there for you.

Website Monitoring

What good is your website if its not working? We monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to be sure your website is up and running on our servers. We work pro-actively to anticipate and correct problems.

Regular Backups

If you haven't created regular backups of your website and its data, you might be faced with completely rebuilding your website from the ground up with can be extremely costly.


Our Servers

The data centers our servers are hosting in feature:

  • Redundant Gigabit Fiber from Tier 1 carriers
  • Fully redundant core and distribution network equipment
  • Fully redundant power grid with 96 hours of backup run-time.


  • Hard Disk Storage
  • Monthly Transfer
  • PHP
  • WordPress Ready
  • CFML Support
  • MySQL Database
  • SQL Server Database
  • CMS/Mura Support
  • Managed Enterprise Email Included
  • Dedicated IP Address Addon



  • 1 gb
  • 10 gb



  • 10 gb
  • 100 gb
  • + $5/month



  • 25 gb
  • 500 gb
  • 1 account
  • + $5/month

† Additional email accounts can be purchased for a fixed monthly fee. See our Managed Enterprise Email page for additional information




Sorry, but no. In order to provide you with the quality needed to keep your website up and running at its peak, we only allow limited FTP access to the files hosted on your web hosting account. This is for the security and performance of all websites we manage.

Managed hosting is an integral part of a complete website solution, and we offer this service primarily to the clients for whom we build websites. However, we will make exceptions in some cases, so let us know your situation by contacting us so we can discuss your needs.

It doesn't unless other wise arranged. Changes to the structure of your website such as content and design changes are typically handled and invoices separately on an hourly price basis. However, should an error occur in your website that Wave Works Solutions developed and deployed, we will in most cases fix the error at no cost to you.